Exmoor Trail Running Challenge – part 1

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“When it’s pouring rain and you’re bowling along through the wet, there’s satisfaction in knowing you’re out there and the others aren’t.”

On the 29th October I will be undertaking the Exmoor 50km Trail Running Challenge. Here’s a little bit about the race:

This is the ultimate trail run with open moorlands, heavily wooded valleys and coastal paths, everything you could wish for whilst out running in the wild. The ultra was voted in the hardest ultra runs in the country, but it is definitely worth it!

Set in the stunning hidden valley of Doona Valley at Cloud Farm Campsite, this event must make your bucket list. This route includes the sharpest coastal hill climb in the country followed by the longest stretch of wooded coast line in the country. Starting out not far from the beautiful unspoilt towns and villages of Lynton, Lynmouth, Portlock and Minehead this is a challenging yet beautiful course. The course has 5600ft of elevation (ouch!!)

A short video of the event:

Trail Events Exmoor 2015

Hopefully all will go well and the Nutrition, Training and Gear all goes as expected and I will finish happy and healthy.

Watch out for part 2 where I will give a full race review and if all goes well I will get to video a lot of it (my first attempt). Should be an interesting one.

Please leave any comments, Questions or requests below and if there are any other races you would like me to review give me some ideas as I’m always on the look out for any great events.

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