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It all started at my Daughters wedding in May 2016, or should I say when I saw the photo’s from the wedding. I was Overweight and Unhealthyshocked at how I had let myself go and generally how unhealthy I looked and felt.

I had just recovered from a back injury that had pretty much put me out of action for 18 months and I tipped the scales at 212 pounds – the heaviest I had ever been in my entire life. I decided there and then that I needed to take action before I ended up with some chronic condition that would ruin my life forever.

So I started to think, what is it that is making me overweight? why do I feel tired all the time? why don’t I actually sleep properly when I do go to bed?


walking healthI didn’t jump straight in to a Plant Based Diet, I decided that initially, after reading about the the unhealthy benefits of Dairy that I would remove that from my life. So I did just that, I took all dairy out of my diet – no more Milk, no more Cheese, no more Yoghurt. I started to go for walks in the evening after work for an hour or so and then something amazing started to happen!! The weight started to fall off, I wasn’t feeling so tired during the day and I was starting to sleep much better during the night.


Skip forward to October 2016, I was feeling good and I started out on my running journey. Little walks with jogging Trail Runinbetween for a few weeks and then at the start of November I joined a challenge called Runvember which supports the local homeless at Christmas. Basically we had to run everyday as little or a much as we liked. I ended up running a total of 150 miles with a great sense of doing something worthwhile. I thought to myself, I actually quite like running and I didn’t think I would.



So in December of 2016 I started thinking about moving to a Vegan stop eating animalsPlant Based Diet. I watched a great documentary called Forks over Knives and it made my mind up for me there and then (if you’ve never seen it take a look). At the begining of December I cut out all animal products completely and went onto the Plant Based Diet. Naturally people thought I was crazy just before Christmas – ‘your going to miss out on the turkey and all the other good stuff’. I thought why wait until after Christmas, if your going to do it, just get on and do it – so that’s exactly what I did and I have never looked back.

So as I write this post it’s Septemebr 2017. As far as the running goes I have done races up to Ultra Marathon to include:

Tough Guy January 2017 – the single toughest thing I have ever done. Near Hypothermia due to the water obstacles

Three Forts Challenge 27 miles

The Weald Challenge 50 km

Snowdonia Trail Marathon 27 miles (actual photo I took) WOW!!Trail Running

Hampshire Hoppit Trail Marathon – 35C temperatures in June heatwave which was tough

Salisbury 50 km trail race

Next year I’m planning on at least a 50 miler.


Plant Based Runner


Did I mention that I’m 50 in 2018 and up to the age of 44 I was a 20+ a day smoker – point being that it is never too late to make a change for the better. Yes it takes commitment and courage as there are no short cuts in life, but if you really want it go and grab it.

Today I weigh 174 pounds.



When I run it’s the greatest feeling for me. It’s my time where I am just me and nobody else, where I can put the world to rights all by myself. It’s also the time where I get to see a lot of people out and about and in a lot of cases, it is so sad to see what a lot of us are becoming. Overweight kids, teens and adults – is it their fault? Probably not, we are all very mis-guided nowadays with the endless information and fads.

I am sure that a lot of people do not want to be in the situation they find themselves in, obese and on medication for the blood pressure, the heart problems, the diabetes etc. If I could just help one person to turn their life around like I did, then it would make me a very happy man. But what if I could help 10, 100, 1000 people – that would be just the most amazing feeling.

I’m not an expert, a doctor, a nutritionist, a personal trainer and I would never claim to be – but I know what has worked for me and I know that it doesn’t take a genius to understand the basics of what makes you fit and healthy and what leads you to an early grave.


My goal is to give relevant reviews and information based on my own experiences in the hope of helping people to achieve their personal goals whether it be the Plant Based Lifestyle, Fitness or both.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,



    1. I just checked out your site and story – well done and keep motivated. If you ever need any advice or just a general chat just get in touch.
      I’ve been running just over a year and doing my 3rd 50km trail race on Sunday – best thing I ever did was start to run.

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